After all…We are just STORIES!

We believe that any journey, be it personal or professional goes through 3 stages of storytelling.

1 . Finding your story

Retrospect, evaluate, dig through the data and find the stories that are real and relevant for you, be it life or your work.

2 . Telling your story

Understand your audience. Then choose the right framework to craft your story, for your audience. Bring in narrative structure, the power of context and spruce it up with visual aids. Practice the best ways to tell your story. Choose the right channels and the best way to understand your specific audience.

3 . Living your story

For the audience to believe in your story, you need to believe in it…more importantly you need to live by it. No one else can be your story…you are your story!

Our Offerings

We work with Individuals and Enterprises to drive learning and business transformation outcomes across culture, leadership, data storytelling and mindfulness. Our engagement models are flexible and customized to the business context and need.

We offer two modes of engagement:
  1. Workshops – Specific to your learning and business outcomes where we do not just provide training on the tools and the methods but also have a process of guided practice to reach the desired outcomes.
  2. Custom engagements – End to end consulting engagements where we help you across all the 4 steps of the story building process to drive a range of individual and business outcomes.

Learning Programs & Workshops

We offer four workshops, that can be contextualized to your organization’s needs.

Data Storytelling

Objective: Help teams improve insights generation and communication from data analysis. Understand the need for data storytelling with examples and use Kahaniyah’s proprietary storytelling framework to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Apply story structure relevant for your story
  • Learn design and visualization pre-attentive attributes
  • Experience different storytelling styles
  • Practice, with your own analysis, to see the real change
  • Build storytelling as a habit

Impact: Improve structured thinking, problem-solving, insights-capability and communication skillsEnquire »

Storytelling for Startups

Objective: Help startup leaders use storytelling to build their strategy, enhance investor readiness and marketing plan. We use Kahaniyah’s proprietary storytelling frameworks and techniques to help you:

  • Understand the need for startup storytelling with examples
  • Assess your stakeholder journey and identify key behavioural nudges
  • Identify your current and future story
  • Assess the change and the constant in your story
  • Build a content plan that works for your brand
  • Identify channels that can help amplify your story
  • Build storytelling as a habit

Impact: Improve your investor pitch, your strategy roadmap and marketing ROIEnquire »

Leadership Storytelling

Objective: Help business leaders communicate more effectively about key business strategy, change initiatives. Assess your current leadership communication need and apply Kahaniyah’s proprietary storytelling framework to:

  • Improve your audience assessment
  • Find the story structure that best suits your story and build a story bank
  • Coaching and feedback on real-life leadership communication need
  • Practice your story style and find your natural style
  • Build storytelling as a habit

Impact: Improve your leadership influence, enhance change-making skills, connect better with teamsEnquire »

Mindfulness at Work

Objective: Help individuals and teams understand the power of mindfulness to thrive in their personal and professional spheres. Kahanniyah’s storytelling based approach simplifies mindfulness for the new generation and helps them:

  • Understand the mind and what drives thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • Build and use AWARENESS as a medium of transcending hardcoded conditioning and patterns
  • Learn how to let go and make the switch from reacting to responding
  • Go from doing what you love to LOVE WHAT YOU DO
  • Learn to live in the NOW

Impact: A workforce that contributes to the purpose and finds fulfilment in personal and professional livesEnquire »

Customized Engagements

We use storytelling techniques and frameworks to structure and solve problems or address transformation in the areas of work culture, data storytelling, leadership effectiveness, workforce productivity…anything to do with work, workforce or workplace!

We use our unique story-methodology and data you already have to remove jargons that can cloud the brand positioning and create authentic and simple brand stories

If you are looking to unravel the power of Storytelling for your clients, leadership, employees or students in specific forums such as Annual Strategy meet, Customer event, Innovation day or College Seminar etc., we can structure a customized session for you. Send us a note and we’ll take care of the dazzle. We can deliver these sessions both online and on-site.

Our storified micro-learning courses focus on practical job-ready skills for emerging digital jobs in areas such as content, data, video editing, etc.

Audience: Young students, working professionals
These include short video lectures, interactive practice assessments, downloadable templates for self-learning and more.
At Kahaniyah, we believe in the power of stories to teach, connect, inspire, influence and enable action. “We are all stories in the end.”
We work with teams to enhance business and learning outcomes – through the structure and the magic of stories. SEE THE VIDEO
Kahaniyah : The Magic of Storytelling
“Blessed are the curious they shall have adventures” – Lovelle Drachman

The storyteller in you is brimming with curiosity. Just think about the possibilities, think about the worlds inside your head that are lying unexplored, imagine what could lie beyond what you already know. Then put it all together and imagine the potential that still untapped.

Isn’t it amazing? You are one step away from making that a reality.

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