Data Soul Stories

Audience: Teams that need to provide insight and analysis from data and content

What to expect:

  • Methods to understand and align with audience
  • Structured thinking methodology
  • Types of narrative storytelling structures
  • Summarization techniques and method to test readability index
  • Insights through visualization

Storify your Company

Audience: Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Those looking for personal branding

What to expect:

  • Methods to assess audience and engage with them
  • Narrative storytelling techniques for developing the customer and the investor story
  • Various components of a pitch and types of pitches
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Content Strategy

Leaders' Connect

Audience: Managers and above; people who need to lead, influence and manage change

What to expect:

  • Triggering method to identify stories
  • Methods to create a story bank
  • Ingredients to form your personal story style (including metaphors, humor etc.)
  • Telling your story, right - 3 types of story structures that can be used
  • Channels to convey the story
  • When to retire a story

Good & Bad Money

Audience: Children who are yet to understand money, Those who need better financial literacy

What to expect:

  • Fun ways to break the barrier of financial education with contextual stories through podcasts, games, songs

Mindf*** to Mindful

Audience: Working professionals, Entrepreneurs

What to expect:

  • Understanding the dynamics of a workplace
  • Introducing mindfulness at work
  • How to manage emotions and keep stress at bay
  • Building better interpersonal relationships
  • Mindfulness practices for a better life

Travel Light

Audience: Anybody; those looking to live a meaningful life

What to expect:

  • How to take the control back
  • How to break limiting patterns
  • Introducing mindfulness into our lives
  • How to befriend the mind
  • Mindfulness practices for a better life
  • Writing your own story

Storytelling - Served to Taste

These programs have been built for specific outcomes and can be customized for audience type, the size of the group and organization - specific nuances. We offer two modes of engagement:

  1. Workshops: One-time or ongoing, specific to your learning and business outcomes where we do not just provide training on the tools and the methods but also have a process of guided practice to reach the desired outcomes.
  2. Custom engagements: Programs designed specifically for your needs.

Our focus is to deliver outcomes, so we obsess about the quality, not quantity.

What's your Story?

Looking to tell a personal or a brand story? Need help with the "WHY", "WHAT" and "HOW"?