We have all seen them. Sometime, somewhere, we may have been them as well. The ones who brag about seemingly inconsequential and superficial (to us, not to them:) things from the comfort of their desks without realizing the true value that working together, and sharing credit together, in teams, can bring. Here's my take on the age-old and still relevant Grasshopper and Ant story, in a new-age satire poem:)

“Hey there, Antwoman,” says Grasshopper,

“Have you heard the super news?

I’ve been called to Conference Supreme,

To share my wordly views.”

“Good for you,” says Antwoman,

Scurrying fast across the field,

Her ant-team is busy, sky looms cloudy,

Their shelter they need to build.

Grasshopper admiring her wings, says,

“Are you listening? I am the first ever,

To get this honour, among all creatures green

I am such an absolute treasure.”

“Aha..” says antwoman, doubled over

With the load on her back,

The line of ants are now making a beeline

For their rainy evening snack.

“I am the first in grasshopping family,

First in all insect world….”

“Rain!” Grasshoppers’ words stop

No ants around. She rushes, wings unfurled.

Knocking on the ant’s shelter, wings wet

“Open the door,” she cries, sneezing,

The door opens, the ants are warm inside

They say, “Don’t you stand there freezing,”

There’s hot tea and cakes all around,

And the ants busy chatter,

Sipping tea, the Grasshopper quietly wonders,

Did the Conference Supreme really matter?

P.S. The picture is that of a pitcher plant:)

Debleena Majumdar

Debleena has spent over 15 years in roles ranging from being an employee at global firms, as an investor and as an entrepreneur. For the first twelve years, working with large firms such as GE, Prudential, Fidelity, JP Morgan and HP, in Strategy and Analytics roles, she was finding her own stories.

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