The Art & Science of Storytelling

In between “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever after”, there lies a story. Research says that over 65% of human conversation is centred around stories. And that doesn’t change in business. Stories. They are memorable, personal and actionable.

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The Unwritten Story
The page turned. Everyone leaned forward in their chairs. On stage, the presenter weaved magic. Something changed at that moment. Maybe a decision got taken. Maybe the changemaker found her calling. Definitely, a story got told. And it got told well.
BUT, real-life rarely unfolds like this, does it? If you are wondering how to unleash the power of storytelling for your business and create such magical moments, today is your lucky day!
At Kahaniyah, we breakdown the esoteric world of storytelling into the craft that it is, a blend of art and science. We help you apply it, both for business functions and for finding our own selves. And through that, we help improve the skills really needed today for every professional – problem-solving, empathetic and creative communication and mindfulness.


Talks, Learning Workshops, Guided Interventions

We deliver contextualized workshops, on-site and online for our flagship programs: Data Storytelling, Leadership Effectiveness and Mindfulness. We conduct half-day, full-day and 2-day versions based on preferences.


Branding, Communications, Company Culture

We deploy storytelling elements and frameworks to address specific business needs and problems in the areas of brand development, communications and company culture.  These are designed as consulting engagements.

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Marketing/Sales/Investor Pitches

Our storytelling frameworks, mapped to business skills such as creativity, empathy, problem-solving, grit etc. can help you create unique story-based assessments for your pitches. We analyze the story fit based on audience and provide detailed feedback for the ideal messaging.

Flagship Training Programs

Kahaniyah delivers contextualized workshops, programs and structured intervention for companies and individuals in the areas of Data Storytelling, Leadership effectiveness and Mindfulness

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We are practising storytellers. Kahaniyah is the address for not just what we do, but, for who we are.
Debleena Majumdar
Debleena Majumdar
Partner & Co-Founder
Venkat Subramanian
Venkat Subramanian
Partner & Co-Founder

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