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Kahaniyah delivers contextualized workshops, programs and structured intervention for companies and individuals

Data Storytelling

This program is aimed at BI, Analytics and consulting teams.

The workshop gives a window into understand the audience and provide them storytelling frameworks and techniques to make data insights actionable for audience

Leadership Effectiveness

This program is designed for project managers and above.

Designed as an interactive workshop, this module aims to equip leaders with frameworks to drive alignment to vision & culture and enable better people engagement across levels.

Mindfulness at work

This program is relevant for levels across the workforce.

This module combines psychology and storytelling based mindfulness practices to improve collaboration, camaraderie and work-life synergy

 Our Approach

Our Approach

At Kahaniyah, we believe in the power of stories to teach, connect, inspire, influence and enable action. “We are all stories in the end.” We work with teams to enhance business and learning outcomes - through the structure and the magic of stories. We follow a four step framework for building storytelling based programs and interventions.

Find your story:
Every business problem is essentially an obstacle to be cleared. Identifying the root cause and finding the hook is the most important first step.

Craft your story:
Build your story on the right foundation and choose the right plot and characters. Bring in design, narrative structure and the power of context.

Tell your story:
Style adds power to your story and engages the audience better. Find your personal style and hone it. Choose the right channels and the best way to deliver a superlative experience to your specific audience.

Our Team

Debleena Majumdar
Debleena Majumdar
Storyteller | Singer | Writer
Venkat Subramanian
Venkat Subramanian
Storyteller | Musician | Mindfulness Apprentice

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